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Voluntary work at the Kunsthaus

Are you looking for art contacts?

The team of volunteers independently operates the reception, the museum guard rota, catering during exhibition openings, and helps on special occasions as well as with mailings and other projects. You will be trained in for the activities and will always work with another volunteer. As a reward for your efforts, you will get free membership in the Kunstverein, free admission to associated partner institutions, guided tours, free catalogues, the annual trip and further in-house training.

Please contact Lotti Vonäsch
phone +41 62 922 60 55

Voluntary Team

Rosemarie Amstutz, Ruth Andermatt, Barbara Blum, Rita Cappellucci, Dagmar Derbort, Cornelia Elsasser, Ruth Fischer, Susanne Frangi, Dori Geiser, Claudine Hofer, Silvia Käser, Margrit Kohler, Ruth Kräuchi, Ruth Leu-Sommer, Katarzyna Malec, Marianne Marending, Heinz Meier, Christina Mettler, Inma Moser, Valeria Satsukevich, Ursula Schenker, Hedy Schneider, Frieda Solari, Heidi Stucki, Jana Waldek, Rösli Wigger, Esther Wüest, Regula Zach